The government’s patient choice policy offers a patient-centred approach to healthcare, enabling your GP to refer you for complementary therapy treatments. Doctors at the RLHIM accept both NHS and private referrals.

Private referrals can be made by a doctor, the patient themselves, or parent or guardian. To self refer to the RLHIM as a private patient, contact the hospital’s Patient Services to ask about fees and how to arrange an appointment – telephone 020 3448 2000.

There are three ways you can be referred to receive treatment under the NHS; a referral letter from your GP to the hospital, or a referral from your GP under Choose and Book Free Choice (CAB), or a referral from another hospital consultant.

Choose & Book

NHS CHOOSE AND BOOK (CAB) is an online service that allows patients to be seen at any hospital of their choice under the NHS for their first outpatient appointment.

Most GP surgeries are registered with CHOOSE AND BOOK and if your surgery is, your GP can access the RLHIM services under this option.

Information for Patients

  • Firstly, your GP must decide that you need to be referred to a specialist.
  • Once your GP has agreed that you need an appointment with a specialist, he or she can select the ‘Search all’ button in the Service Search to display the CHOOSE AND BOOK menu. This displays all the hospitals or clinics available for the specialty for your medical condition. Your GP will discuss these options and your choices with you. At this point, you can request treatment at the RLHIM.
  • Your first appointment can be booked at your GP’s surgery at the time of your visit.
  • If you want more time to consider your choice, or check your available dates, your GP will give you an appointment request letter with a reference number and password so you can book your own appointment over the telephone or via the internet.

Click the image below for more information about managing a referral: