The Complementary Cancer Care Clinic offers a programme of treatments to complement conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. It does not offer a cure for cancer, or a replacement for treatment already being received from other specialists in conventional cancer care.

The service offers an integrated approach, enabling patients to receive other forms of care appropriate to their individual needs; to support the patient’s emotional wellbeing and physical symptoms associated with cancer or its treatment. The program aims to provide care and a patient-centred approach and to encourage self-help and empowerment for patients.

A programme of care is tailored to each individual. This is done on the basis of their needs and preferences and may include:

• Acupuncture
• Art therapy
• Autogenic training
• Dietetics
• Homeopathy
• Iscador (a mistletoe preparation)
• Physiotherapy
• Reiki
• Therapeutic massage and aromatherapy

The priority is to ensure that complementary treatments are used safely and appropriately alongside conventional management as some complementary medicines can interfere with conventional treatment. There is a lot of misleading information about complementary treatments used for cancer and one of the aims is to help guide patients and carers to reliable sources of high quality information.