The Pharmacists

The RLHIM pharmacy is run by fully qualified pharmacists who specialise in Complementary Medicines. This is a retail pharmacy as well as serving the hospital. Expert advice from pharmacists qualified in homeopathic and herbal medicine is available.

Clara Ranera-Dowling MPharm BSc (Hons) MRPharmS LFHom
Retail Pharmacy Manager

After qualifying with First Degree Honours as a pharmacist in 1993 at Madrid’s University Complutense, Clara went on to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies at the School of Business in Madrid. She then started a PhD on Transdermal delivery of Beta-Blockers whilst working in a community pharmacy. While doing this she attended a lecture on homeopathy and got hooked. She left the PhD course and started working for Boiron, one Europe’s leading homeopathic suppliers, in 1995.

Whilst at Boiron, Clara worked on the manufacture and dispensing of homeopathic medicines, and also got involved in translating research papers from English into Spanish. She also took their postgraduate diploma in Homeopathy.

On moving to England in 1996, Clara provided locum pharmacy support to a number of hospitals across the Essex area, for three days a week and at what was then called the Royal London Homœopathic Hospital (RLHH) as a dispensing pharmacist for two days a week.

Whilst working at the RLHH, Clara took a homeopathic training course and gained her Post Graduate Diploma in homeopathy in 1997. She took the Faculty of Homeopathy’s course for pharmacists in 2007, gaining maximum grades.

She became Pharmacy Dispensary Manager at the RLHH in 1998 and Senior Clinical Pharmacist in 2004. In 2007 she took over the management of the Retail Pharmacy, a position she still holds today and in which she has been able to use her business skills in developing an excellent retail facility for over-the-counter complementary remedies and other natural health products.

Always searching for natural ways to improve people’s health and quality of lives, Clara is especially interested in nutrition and its link to health and disease. The knowledge that anything that comes into contact with the body has the potential to cause damage has made her a passionate advocate of organic and natural cosmetics and toiletries, quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements inspired her to introduce a range of such high quality products into the pharmacy.

Janvika Shah BSc(Hons) MPharm DSH

Janvika Shah graduated from Portsmouth University in 1996 and qualified as a pharmacist in 1997. Prior to joining the RLHIM pharmacy team, she worked as locum for various companies and as Manager of an independent chemist in Leicester and later in North London.

She became interested in homeopathy when the topic was raised during a university lecture on different types of medicine and homeopathy was discussed. She liked how the lecturer explained homeopathy, about how it worked and looked at illness. Years later this stayed with her and later she trained as a homeopath, qualifying in 2005.


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