Join the Friends

Have you or your family benefited from the services provided at the RLHIM?

Do you wish to show your appreciation and support for its continued success within the NHS?

Do you want to retain your right to homeopathy, acupuncture and other complementary therapies on the NHS?

Then please help us to support the RLHIM and to protect your rights by joining us! For as little as £10 per year, you can make a difference.

All subscriptions, donations and legacies help us to support the work of the hospital and the medical staff with training, seminars, text books, special equipment etc., and the maintenance of our popular and friendly snack bar on the 3rd floor.

As well as helping us with our work, you will receive newsletters, reports and invitations to events at the hospital, as well as our Annual General Meeting, which always includes an interesting guest speaker.

Click on the icon here to download our membership form which you can then print, complete and return to us.


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