A Registered Charity and voluntary organisation, Friends is run by its members and volunteers. The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine would not be the same without the dedicated support of the volunteers and members of the Friends.

On a local level, the Friends came into being to support the staff and patients of the hospital, with volunteers running our popular Snack Bar on the third floor, providing refreshments for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff. This, along with other activities helps us to raise funds which go towards the help we give to the hospital and to providing information for patients.

There was also a more long-term aim to assist with the establishment of similar support groups at the other homeopathic hospitals and throughout the UK so they could unite and work together for the wider support of patients wanting NHS homeopathic and other complementary treatments.

We offer some support to doctors and nurses for post-graduate and continuing professional development courses and for the Research Department, which provides evidence of the effectiveness of treatment. The Friends also support CAMLIS, the specialist information library service which is open to the public.

However, with continuing threats to our right to access to homeopathy and other complementary therapies currently available on the NHS at the RLHIM, have meant that we have also had to become campaigners. Over the past few years, we have been fighting tirelessly for patients’ rights to access safe, effective complementary therapies on the NHS.

If, like us, you want to keep your right to have complementary therapies on the NHS, please become a member of the Friends and help us to protect the status of the RLHIM.

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