Try Homeopathy!
Homeopathy Awareness Week starts today!

What better date to celebrate homeopathy than 10th April, the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of this wonderful system of medicine!

This year homeopathic organisations and practitioners will be raising awareness of the benefits of homeopathy and encouraging people to try it for themselves if they haven’t already done so.

“The Cost of Health” survey
The 4Homeopathy collaboration, of which we are founder members, commissioned an independent survey on “The Cost of Health”. The results have been widely reported in the media recently.

We wanted to understand how much adults in the UK spent on staying healthy and to understand their attitudes to fitness and well-being.

The theme for this year’s Homeopathy Awareness Week is to invite everyone to Try Homeopathy.

Get involved this Homeopathy Awareness Week and help us spread the word. Share your homeopathy story via social media using the hashtag #TryHomeopathy and we’ll try to repost all those we see. Have a wonderful week!

You can read the results of the survey and calculate how much you spend on health here.