Our thanks to the British Homeopathic Association for this information poster.

1.  Write to your MP

Make your MP aware of why they should back NHS funding for homeopathy and your concerns about the recent unjustified attacks on homeopathy. It is always helpful to give some details of your experience of the value of homeopathy.

2.  Write to the Chief Executive of your CCG

If funding has been cut where you live, it will be because of a decision by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – they run the health services in the area.

Tell them you are unhappy about it, giving details of how homeopathy has helped you. Send a copy of your letter to your local Healthwatch – these are a part of the local community and work in partnership with other local organisations.

3. Successful homeopathic treatment?

Let your CCG know that money spent on homeopathy is worth it and that your treatment was effective, especially in comparison with conventional medicine. Send a copy of your letter to your local Healthwatch, too.

4.  Tell the media about how homeopathy helped you.

Your success story can help us to achieve more positive media coverage of homeopathy in the NHS.

5.  Join the Friends or simply make a donation

Support our work and help us to make sure that patients can have access to homeopathy in the NHS.