The Good Think Society (GTS) gave the Charity Commission an ultimatum, on the 15th September, to withdraw the charitable status of charities representing homeopathy by the end of the day or it would initiate High Court proceedings to force it to do so. This followed their initial request earlier in June.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the GTS wrote to the Charity Commission to challenge the refusal to revoke the charitable status of organisations registered as charities which advocate homeopathy – this would include Friends of the RLHIM and the British Homeopathic Association. GTS asked the Charity Commission to either revoke the registration of these charities, or commission a full review regarding organisations promoting complementary medicine that cannot show ‘public benefit based on sound scientific evidence’.

The Charity Commission have now agreed to such a review which, it is said, will be completed by July 1st, 2017.

Mark Taylor, the Chief Executive of the Society of Homeopaths has written to William Shawcross, Chair of the Charity Commission to protest. In it he rejects the GTS’s assertion that these charities should have their charitable status withdrawn.

In the letter, Taylor sets out the case for homeopathy, why these charities offer public benefit and condemns GTS for ‘the PR stunt and spectacular aversion to taking into account any evidence that undermines their own prejudices and interests.’

to read the Society of Homeopath’s letter to the Charity Commission , click here