Towards salutogenesis in the development of personalised and preventive healthcare

Mauro Alivia & Paola Guadagni & Paolo Roberti di Sarsina
EPMA Journal – DOI 10.1007/s13167-011-0131-9

Abstract:  The purpose of this review is to discuss how a salutogenetic approach that takes into consideration the human being as physical, psychological and spiritual entity may provide some answers to the difficulties faced by healthcare systems. The choice of medical intervention needs to take into account the technological advances of biomedicine but tailor them to the physical, psychological
and spiritual needs of the patient in the context of their biography.

Such person-centred medicine aims to strengthen Antonovsky’s concepts of resilience and sense of coherence with each therapeutic intervention so that overcoming illness becomes the foundation for better future health. Appropriate evaluation parameters need to be developed and included in order to evaluate the success of interventions in a personcentred, salutogenetic system.

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