I am a homeopathic vet. A fantastic job. The animals I see in my consultation room are usually declared incurable by their regular vet or they are life-long dependent on prescription drugs, often with the usual adverse effects and the concomitant high costs. It is wonderful to see how well these animals respond to a homeopathic medicine. Critically ill animals can ?recover in no time; animals that have gone lame since years, can be up and running after a day. Of course, not every animal responds so quickly to a treatment, but still. It is beautiful to see if it happens.

What I also find so special is the fact that it is totally irrelevant how much of a particular homeopathic medicine is given. I use high potencies (so highly diluted beyond Avogadro’s number) and I explain to the cat owner that he/she only needs to give a few drops once a day until a change is visible. I tell the horse owner exactly the same; the horse of 600 kilos gets the same amount as the cat of 4 kilos. Odd, isn’t it? And still it works just as well. It is all about the selected homeopathic medicine, the potency/dilution and the dosage frequency. It does not matter if you take three drops or a glass of it: a dilution of a hundredth to the power of a hundred is still the same.

Probably difficult to understand. We assume that the homeopathic medicine contains information; it clarifies something. A traffic light can be two meters high or 8 meters; it does not really matter: if it is red, you have to stop. And putting a lot of information in a small package is something we have got used to. In the old days you may have needed to tote 24 volumes of an encyclopaedia in a trunk, nowadays you can put a flash drive with the same amount of information in your pocket. So it is not about the quantity, but the information itself. And some people have not yet been able to understand that.

In cows or chickens the homeopathic medicine is simply put into the drinking water, success guaranteed! Several scientific studies have demonstrated, that a homeopathic medicine acts perfectly. Piglets for instance got significantly less diarrhoea if their mothers had got a homeopathic medicine during pregnancy. Everyone who asserts that there is no scientific evidence for homeopathy, lags behind the facts.

There are associations that keep on lagging behind the facts, such as the Association against quackery and Association Skepsis (two Dutch associations). And they believe they have found a nice stunt to prove that homeopathy does not work: on 5 February they are intending to drink a LITER of a homeopathic medicine. They believe that this is A LOT of a homeopathic medicine. I have to disappoint them.

They can just as well take a small sip. It has the same effect. If they DO want to see an effect, they will need to take a small sip every day. And even then it only works if the medicine fits to the individual person: a homeopathic medicine is selected for an individual person . If you give the wrong medicine, nothing happens. Unfortunately.

Of course, we can search for a homeopathic medicine that may help these people. What kind of people are they? In a newspaper they were decribed as “Grumpy old men”. They are also considered as people with a limited vision: if they cannot understand how something can possibly exist, in their view it simply cannot exist. And they even do not want it to exist. A sort of inquisition that also tried to send Galileo to the stake. Or people who are disappointed in their own prospects in life. And do no longer want to focus on a positive contribution to society by improving their own profession. Instead they focus their (negative) energy on trying to destroy another profession while withholding their own – incurable – patients the assistance that may lead to recovery. A conventional hobby at the expense of others.

There is a homeopathic medicine that might help these people a bit so that they may again going to see the bright sight of life. I propose that they take Mercurius C 200, not a whole liter at one time, but simply, a sip every day. If they really do not believe in homeopathy, they can just as well choose this version of the joke. I give them the homeopathic medicines for free. Some protesters may benefit from it. Of course they do not need to say that the medicine has worked for them. So it works both ways: they have had their action and some more people will have got well again. Everyone happy.

Liesbeth Ellinger, veterinary surgeon, Apeldoorn