The Outpatients’ Snack Bar at the RLHIM is an oasis of warm friendship, willing ears and useful literature. It reflects the atmosphere of the Hospital which patients often say is “Different from all others.”

It is a joy to be a volunteer there, to hear the way patients talk about our doctors and the results of their treatment and of the hope they find when all else has failed them. I recall and notice in the Faculty office “miracles happen but sometimes they take time.”

We recently had an example of that, with homeopathy, miracles really are worked. A young woman came to the snack bar, weeping. When the concerned and sympathetic volunteers asked her what was wrong she replied that she wanted to go back and see her doctor again. One volunteer left her post and escorted her back to the surgery. She knocked on the door and when the doctor appeared she flung her arms round his neck and kissed him saying “I just had to say thank you again.” She later explained that she had been in a wheelchair for three years and was walking again. However rare, such incidents tell us that it is all worthwhile.

Should you have a half day to spare, want to get out of “those four walls” and live within easy reach of Great Ormond Street, we guarantee the therapeutic value of working in our Snack Bar for just a few hours, once a week. Just contact the Administrator of the Friends at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

I am 97 years old so you can see what can be done for you!

By Jane Gilchrist – Friends’ Ambassador, Committee Member, Snack bar Volunteer & Organiser- 2010