World Homeopathy DAY 2015

Dr Samuel Hahnemann (Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann), the founder of homeopathy, was born on 10th April 1755 in Meissen, Saxony. Supporters and patients of homeopathy across the world have, for many years, celebrated his birth.


10th – 16th April 2015 

In Europe and Internationally, over 40 countries will be celebrating in different ways either as a one-day or a week-long awareness raising event, with free public lectures, media interviews, volunteer first-aiders at sports events, free & reduced clinics, written materials, posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, publishing articles and much more.

As the World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation says: Through more awareness and access to homeopathy resulting in profoundly improved health, the paradigm in the understanding of healing and healthcare can truly shift.

We celebrate Dr Hahnemann and homeopathy every day but particularly on World Homeopathy Day – April 10th.

So whether you want to do it for just a day or a week, Celebrate Homeopathy on April 10th, or from April 10th to 16th .  

 Friends of the RLHIM

side view of RLHIM from Queen Square parkAs patients, we want to receive the best standard of care, delivered by regulated health professionals in a safe environment. The Government wants to develop an innovative, patient-centred national health service.

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM) fulfils both these objectives; it is a flagship for integrated medicine and a jewel in the crown of the NHS, providing high quality medical care, delivered by fully qualified conventional medical practitioners.

The RLHIM would not be the same without the dedicated support of the members and volunteers of the Friends, which is a Registered Charity and voluntary organisation run for the benefit of patients and staff of the hospital.

If, like us, you have enjoyed attending the hospital and wish to retain your current access to complementary therapies on the NHS, or you would like to in the future, please become a member of the Friends and help us to protect the status of the RLHIM.

Donations are always welcome: you can use the safe and secure online option to make your donation through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) – click here:

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