Enid Segall – 1935 – 2019 Champion for homeopathy

It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the passing of Enid Segall, Chairman of the Friends.

Enid died suddenly, but peacefully, at home in the early evening of Friday 21st June.

A lifelong champion of homeopathy – a great loss for family, friends and the homeopathic community.

Funeral information:

Enid’s funeral will be held on Friday, 2nd August and, in line with her wishes, this will be a small, quiet affair.

She did, however make a request – Donations, not flowers please.

As much as Enid loved flowers being an advocate for homeopathy was her passion so, in her Will, she asked that those people who wanted to send flowers, or indeed, anyone wishing to mark their respect in some fashion, would instead please make a donation to the charities that she specified in her Will:

British Homeopathic Association Friends of the RLHIM
CAN Mezzanine 60 Great Ormond Street
49-51 East Road London
London N1 6AH WC1N 3HR

Charity No: 235900 Charity No: 269289

You will find the donation page on these links.



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